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Algebra is probably one of the most requested subjects for tutoring. For those that are intimidated by math, algebra can be a challenge - at least psychologically. Algebra is also a fairly big departure from general math and it requires more of a "big picture" way of analyzing and solving problems. It also requires an attention to detail (if you accidentally drop a negative sign, you miss the whole problem).

We tutor many students from the local middle schools and high schools and we know the curriculum and texts.

Can your child answer the following 2 questions? If not, then we need to brush up on basic algebra skills.

1. Solve for x:

x/5 = 7/12

2. What are the possible values of x:

(x-1)(x+1)(3x+6) = 0

If you need a brush up of algebra skills, give me a call now to get the help you need. By the way, here's the answers to the above questions.

Patient and professional. I am a degreed tutor who can explain algebraic concepts in different ways until the student "gets it".

Skills covered include: Solving and Graphing Linear Equations, Ratios, Percent, Simultaneous Equations, Inequalities, Polynomials, Factoring, Quadratic and Exponential Functions, and Probability.

If your child is having trouble in school, call me now to get the help you need.


All Subjects $50/hr

Online help via zoom internet white board.




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