What Makes a Good College Essay?

Every college admissions officer is looking for different things in an essay, but the following is some simple guidelines in writing a good essay.

1. Keep it Simple

The essay does not have to be complex and deep. The simpler the better.


2.  It's a reflection of you

The reader wants to know you. The essay should convey what's unique about you. How you think. What's important to you. Your priorities in life. Your perspective on life. How you like to be treated and how you treat others.


3.  Show your love of learning and resilience in life

You are trying to get into college, after all. So make sure they know you want to learn and can overcome adversity. Show that you have persistence and will complete what you start.


4.  Your ability to write

Of course, one of the main purposes of the essay is to show your writing ability. Is it interesting? Is it organized? Do you understand proper grammar, idioms, spelling, and word choice. This is your one time where you have complete control. And don't forget to have someone proofread your essay.


Thanks to
College Admissions Officers for their input compiling the above tips.


Writing a Good College Admissions Essay

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